Martabak Angus

Hello, Please welcome, my name is Naufal some people called me Fadhil, and the missed one called me Val I am Junior Programmer, have experience on Web developer since 2009, at 2009 i only have to HTML standars and CSS, and afther the world has got new era, i mastered a few language like OOP (PHP), Ruby and Javascript

2014 is bad year, where i was lost her, but Spirit Carries On, even if it hurts

My Favorite Band is Dream Theater and Liquid Tension Experiments, and other my Hobbies i pick Guitar for music.


  • PHP - Laravel, CodeIgniter
  • Ruby - Ruby On Rails
  • Javascript - jQuery, AngularJS, Gulp
  • CSS - Bootstrap 3, Sass, Compass
  • Photoshop - Slice PSD to HTML
  • Illustrator - Making Silly Logo
  • Linux - Standard Naviation to other folder or delete file change permission.
  • Music - Guitar
  • Games - Counter Strike Global Offensive


The company Startup focused on web development world, we create and build some webiste and application making better view, friendly on eyes, and easy to use.

No matter with who you are, i just you want know, i really missed

Muhammad Naufal Fadhil